Fredrik may be finished with cycling competitions, but he is not done with the cycling industry. At the time of his retirement, he mentioned he didn’t know what to do for a living but he was sure he wanted to be in the cycling industry. In December 2014, he was approached with an offer by the organisation called Velothon Stockholm. As a person who is passionate about cycling, he took the offer and is presently the ambassador and race director of the Swedish race Velothon.

Being his first real job, he can tell that there is a big difference between an office job and life as a professional cyclist, but he seemed to be fine with it. Fredrik made it clear in his book that cycling should be about fun and not about the competition. He has said that he was a little worried when he ended his career but he was also happy with the decision. He now works in an office and he is relieved from all the pressure that comes with race competitions.

He still cycles once in awhile like when he cycled with upcoming cyclists to test the Silva and Specialised headlamps for bikes in Greece. He was the biggest charm of that evening’s event as a lot of people present looked forward to meeting him, and most especially were delighted to ride with him. After retirement, he has also been an inspiration to young cyclists and he is happy to do so. He once visited Lidk√∂ping’s cycling club for children and adolescents. He gave them some cycling tips and answered questions from the kids.

As a member of the Swedish Cycling Federation, he has been in and around sports and other cycling events. He was present in the OS in Rio De Janeiro where he was an expert commentator.