Even though road and mountain riders belong to the same family, road and mountain biking are not the same. They differ and have their own unique challenges. However, they both offer awesome benefits to the health. Former road and mountain biker, Fredrik Kessiakoff, clearly proved to be a pure talent in both the areas using practical techniques for different terrains. By getting on a bike and challenging himself on tough rides, he became world champion and has made it big in the cycling world.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is done on off-road surfaces, rough terrains, mountain trails, and deserts. The mud splatters, the smell of nature and the obstacles make it a thrill. Mountain bikers train themselves to understand and deal with these obstacles. It is also a leisurely activity for many while for some, it is part of their professional career. Cross-country and downhill biking are among the most typical types of mountain biking. Mountain bikes are fitted to suit mountain terrain and to protect the rider from any accidents and nature’s harshness.

Road biking

Road biking is much older than the mountain cycling. It is done on a variety of roads but traditionally, major road races take place on open roads that have been marked such as in the time trial. Circuit racing is a popular type of road biking but takes place on closed-circuit roads that are specifically built for cycling. Road racing is an enthusiastic sport and requires skillfulness and patience since rider’s abilities and brilliance contributes to their win. Single-day bicycle and stage races are other types of road races.

Road bikes are used for road biking race because they are specially designed for paved roads and smooth surface cycling. They are very different in their designs and are light weight which contributes to their speed. Every rider must understand how to handle a road bike properly.