When the news of Fredrik’s retirement came, it was no surprise to fans and newsmen all over the world. Fredriks contract with Astana was over on December 31, 2014, after having spent the past four seasons with them. He did not have any interest in extending the contract and neither did Astana. He was only left with feelings of betrayal from the letters he received from Astana and thus decided it was time to end it all, so he finally announced his retirement.

Fredrik had already decided, whether or not a new offer comes along, he was going to retire knowing that his relationship with his team had gone sour and he blames Astana for that. Everything was about to change for him and his dreams of fruition came crashing down. Fredrik knew that getting a new contract for the following season was going to be difficult, but it was also going to be like a rescue mission for him. He said he would have reconsidered his retirement if he had gotten another contract but he didn’t, notwithstanding the effort his agent put into that, however, this didn’t depress him at all.

In his speech, he mentioned that he has his victories to look back to and he has no regrets. He also said he looks forward to a second career. No one was certain what he meant by that at the time, but maybe this is the beginning of his career. In 2015, he became a race instructor for Velothon Stockholm and is also a member of the Swedish Cycle Association. Sitting at home, feeling bad and being depressed is one thing he wouldn’t do. Fredrik believes that all good things come to an end and all he wanted to do was live in the moment and enjoy his time with family and friends in Sweden.