Fredrik was once asked if he had any favourite quotes. His reply was “My own race”. This is the title of his book and autobiography. Fredrik Kessiakoff, one of Sweden’s best cyclist, tells his story, along with journalist Fredrik Emden, who helped gather write his story. It is about Kessiakoff’s life – his bike and the rock climbing. It is a positive and uplifting story.

Like he said, the memories of his career remains like a mountain to him. He has no regrets and would re-do everything if he had to. In this book, he has taken the time to share everything he would love to do over and over again, his suffering, sacrifices, and glory. He also shares his loyalty to his bike, his team, and his girlfriend.

He narrates his last days as a professional cyclist in the first part of the book. His entire inside story is incredibly interesting. His Tour de France stage victory is one of the highlights. He also explains how being a new foreigner for a professional team feels like, seeing only strangers and new faces. He explains the differences between mountain races and road races, what it’s like being a professional in both, and how to prepare for a grand tour, physically and mentally. The book covers the inside and outside of the cycling circus.

In “My Own Race”, Fredriks tells about his life and hardship. In it are details on how a 14-year-old turned his passion into a dream, and became one of most successful Swedish elite-level cyclists ever. During his career, he learned how it feels being under an authoritarian management, and has described this in “My own race”, along with unique insights into the life of the professional team.

A new chapter, on how to train to become a better cyclist, has been added in the new and revised edition of the book.