Fredrik was once on the Cannondale Mountain bike team. He won his first World Cup at Maribor, Slovenia with the 2008 Scalpel Carbon 100, a Cannondale bike where he was also a big part of its development. Some fans brag about buying the bikes and race kits Fredrik used in some of his races, and that’s really fancy. This is what a professional’s bike looks like:

  • Name sticker: Most name stickers are found on the top tube of the frame. It bears the name of the pro that the race bike belongs to.
  • Number plate: Pro racers ride with number plates and Jersey numbers. This makes it easier to distinguish riders.
  • Navigation: This is a marked paper that acts as a reminder to the racer. It is meant to show them any upcoming challenges like hills, bumps or any other hiccups they could run into ahead. It is placed on the stem of the bike during the race for a quick glance.
  • Tubular tires: One of the reasons pro bikers use tubular tires is that it allows the bike to be used even when the tires are flat. Most pro bikes, at least the new models, are fitted with tubular tires.
  • Bike setup: Based on personal preferences, the bike is set to fit the biker perfectly before the race. The handlebar and saddle are set to precision.
  • Custom saddle: Saddles are not visible during the races but most saddles are beautiful and creatively customized. Sponsors do this to honour the success of a rider.

Some known bike brands

  • Factor
  • Pinarello
  • Colnago
  • Canyon Ultimate
  • Cannondale bikes

Some of these bikes are climber bikes while some are perfect for any occasion and location. They all have some differences but one thing they have in common is solid technology. The design and geometry give it a complete pro look.